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Choosing a Diamond Shape

Apr 10th 2019

Choosing a Diamond Shape

What shape should I choose for the diamond in my engagement ring?

The shape of your diamond is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when shopping for an engagement ring. However, it is important to remember that shape and cut are two different things to consider. The shape refers to the general shape of the stone while each individual shape could be cut in different ways that affect the appearance and fire of the diamond. For instance, if you choose to go with a classic round diamond, you will need to choose between a Brilliant Cut, Rose Cut, Mine Cut, or Old European Cut — just to name a few!

Round CutRound

The round shape is the most popular and classic choice for an engagement ring. Whether your style is modern and sleek or you prefer something a little more elaborate, a round diamond is a great place to start.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring


The princess cut is the most popular square shape. Its sharply pointed corners give this shape a more modern feel but can make the gemstone more vulnerable to breaks if it is set in an elevated prong setting. For this reason, the square shape may not be best the choice for brides who work with their hands or lead an active lifestyle.


The oval shape is a great alternative to a round stone. If you have shorter fingers, the elongated shape of an oval can help your fingers to appear longer than a round diamond would.


The marquise shape is great for maximizing carat weight and giving the illusion of a much larger diamond. Like the oval, this elongated shape is a great choice for those with shorter fingers when set north to south or it could make wide fingers look more slender if placed in an east to west setting.

Cushion Cut


A cushion shaped diamond is a square or rectangle shape with rounded corners. This style has gained popularity with celebrities in recent years and is an excellent choice for fancy colored diamonds.


The emerald cut is the most popular rectangular diamond and can vary in its width to length ratio. This shape has a glamorous flare that showcases a diamond’s clarity.


This mix of marquise and oval shape features one rounded end and one pointed end. This might be the perfect choice for a bride who likes to be unique. The pear shape is gorgeous in a classic solitaire setting or as the centerpiece of a beautiful halo.

Fancy Shapes

If you are really want to stand out from the crowd, you may consider a fancy shape for your diamond such as a heart or trillion. The diamond buyers at State St. Jewelers are willing and able to search out and bring in any shape, cut, or size diamond you would like.

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